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Zero Kiryu Cosplay - Vine Version

Shots of my cosplay of Zero Kiryu (Based off of designs in Volumes 9 and 10 of the Manga).

Dark Mousy (Formal) Cosplay

Shots of my Dark Mousy (Formal) Cosplay

Zero Kiryu (School Uniform) Cosplay

Shots of my Zero Kiryu cosplay (school uniform variant).

Dark Mousy (Trench Coat) Cosplay

Shots of my cosplay of Dark Mousy, his trench coat outfit at the end of the Anime series

Tsukushi Makino Cosplay

Shots of my Tsukushi Makino Cosplay (School Uniform, Anime Version)

Frau Cosplay

This album contains photos of my Frau cosplay, the casual version with the blue trench coat.

Bishop Frau Cosplay

An album consisting of shots of my Bishop Frau cosplay. Enjoy!

Dark Mousy Cosplay Shots

Pictures of my Dark Mousy cosplay. Photos by Amanda and Katsuya.

Kyo Sohma Cosplay

Shots of my Kyo Sohma cosplay (casual).

Riza In Georgetown

My friend Katsuya and I decided to go into Georgetown to get pictures of my updated Riza Hawkeye cosplay. Here are some of my favorite shots from that photoshoot. Thank you again Katsuya! ^_^

NYC - Joey Wheeler Cosplay

While waiting for the train to get home (that we missed by minutes), we decided to take pictures. :) So here are some shots of my Joey Wheeler Cosplay. Photos by Amanda. Enjoy!

Chief Ayanami - 07 Ghost Black Hawks

Shots from the 07 Ghost group photoshoot that my friends and I did as the Black Hawks as well as shots from my private photoshoot with Katsuya Danna with me as Chief Ayanami.

Kisara Cosplay

Pictures of my Kisara Cosplay.

Formal Riza Hawkeye Cosplay

Shots of my Formal Riza Hawkeye Cosplay

Akito Sohma Cosplay

Shots of my Akito Sohma Cosplay.