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Gintama Villains Gathering in Shikoku Mura (6/19)

5 baddies take advantage of the only nice day during the height of rainy season to gang up on Gintoki at once. Our largest planned group to date.

Crashing The Amusement Park

Cosplaying at New Reoma World

Touhou in the Typhoon!!!

Went to a Touhou-Only doujin event at Tokushima Asty with shortshiek, Fumiyoshi, Mike and Kayla... during a major typhoon. Got stuck in Tokushima!! ADVENTURE!!!

CosView: Kabuki Theatre Event

A rare chance to cosplay in the oldest continuously active kabuki theatre in Japan.

Touhou in the Garden

a photoshoot event in a Japanese garden in Marugame (group: Myon ~ shortshiek, Reimu ~ Hinano, Yuyu ~ me)

Odekake Live - 今年も宜しくお願いします

Odekake Live is a mainly doujinshi event (a "chain" event, meaning they go on in pretty much every decent sized city in Japan year-round) which is extremely popular with student cosplayers because it can easily be kept secret from friends and family and d

Vivre Cosplay Festa May 2011

Fun times at Utazu Vivre with Ichi (111).

Drinking in Gensoukyo

Pictures from Touhou Only all-night club events in Osaka. (We are all adults, we drink and get silly... *shrug* It happens.)

Progress Shots

In Progress ~ mostly wigs and accessories

Ghetto Photo Shoot: Kuroshitsuji

After the last day of Comiket, we still had plenty of energy to burn, so we found as many lights as we could, focused them on Celestial Shadow's neato antique couch and rolled with it :P

Marugame Shotengai ~ Feb 26 (Touhou Meetup)

My cosplay partner and all of my usual event friends were busy, so I went and joined up with a Touhou group organized through Cosplayer's Archive. It turned out to be a lot of fun ^^

Comiket 79 ー Day 1 (ichi, ni, kyuu~)

Day 1 - when a chance meeting with a kitty-cat led to a giant spontanous Tohou Project gathering.