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Magic Knights Rayearth

Anime Expo 2007

Lord Voldemort

My cosplay of 'You-know-who'.

Professor X

Charles Xavier, from Xmen, and the Xmen group.

Abarai Renji

Renji cosplay and friends in BLEACH costumes, from the c.c spring gathering in southern CA

Anime Los Angeles 2007

General pictures from ALA2007, friends mainly

Animagic06: Sat (Naruto)

Young ninja: Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Oorchimaru

Shikamaru and Dan

Shikamaru and Dan related cosplays, mostly myself and friends.

AX06 - Fruits Basket

Fruits basket photoshoots from Anime Expo 2006. Our full zodiac & monster cat (17 person) group.