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Little Clair and Teresa

The long-awaited photoshoot. Filmed in a very beautiful place. I look forward to more photos with favorite Teresa. Cosplay by me Photo by Sery


I'm not Liv Tyler, but I tried to be a bit like her. Lord of the Rings - my favorite book and favorite movie. So nice to make so much beloved characters ^ ^

Asuka Langley Neon Genesis Evangelion

I love Asuka, and her character is close to me. But, unfortunately, I'm bad in facial expressions. : ( Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion by me Photo by my boyfriend Sery

Strawberry panic!

Shizuma by me. Nagisa by Koko. Photo by my boyfriend Sery. I really like Strawberry panic, еspecially the pair of Nagisa and Shizuma. My love for Shizume, as the character, doesn`t know boundaries. Her characteristics and strength of will are s

Howl 'Howl`s moving castle'

It was my first cosplay.

Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning

I hope the photoshoot will be soon. Now, it`s just festival`s photo ^^

Original - Hanfu

Original costume by me. Photo by Envy.

Final Fantasy VII - Kadaj

Photo by Envy the One. Kadaj by me.