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Bubblegum Crisis - Priss (Hardsuit)

As I finish doing the more professional one, I'm making this version out of papercraft

Joachim Armster - Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

My second costume based on a character from this game.

Wig - anime Bangs

How to do anime bangs

Mystery Costume

Progress pics of the new costume Im making.

Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid 4)

Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear Solid 4

Alucard (Adrian Farenheit Tepes)

Majorly cute Bishi from the Castlevania series

Kakashi's Mask Tutorial

Images on how to make your own Kakashi mask

Chibi Sasori (Akatsuki)

This was made for my nephew, who just made an adorable Akatsuki Sasori


Cosplaying Olha from Ys VI - The Ark of Napishtim


Third Naruto based character that I decided to Cosplay

Darcia (Wolf's Rain) Ver. 2

Recreating a costume I love dearly.

Young Kakashi (Kakashi Gaiden of Naruto)

I love Kakashi. So I decided that since Im not tall enough to be him, I might as well cosplay him when he was 16. Im about the height of a 16 year old anyway.