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Sin'dorei Collective

My collection of World of Warcraft costumes. Naturally all of them are Blood-Elves.

Uncharted Hijinx - Photo Set

Generic scenery, adventure and multi-player-emote shots. The staple of every game-related photoshoot! Serena L. (Inurclosets) as Nathan Drake (3) & Christine C.(The_Guiltless) as Elena Fisher (2)

Idiot Chosen

All things Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia

Desecration & Conscecration - Photo Set

Blood Elf Paladin wearing Judgement Armor plus other items from in-game or art concepts. Guest-starring a LARP buddy wearing his own OC creation, which we subbed for a psuedo-death knight for duel photos. Photos by Engelus

Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia

Servants of the Order: Shanoa & Albus

Nintendo Royalty

Princess Peach in her Smash Bros. Brawl gown, Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword Zelda.

Studio Wardrobe

The 'other' folder. One-shots, closet costumes, original characters and inspired outfits.

Bird Team is go!

'Harvey Birdman: Attourney at Law' group. Amber=Peanut, Wil=Phil, Nate=Birdman, Me=Birdgirl.

Cloudy Wolf

The real-world aventures of Cloud Strife! AC, KH1 & CC outfits.

Phases of Rikku - X-2

FFX-2 Dresspheres! Samurai, Theif & Trainer!

Game Machinations

Props/outfits from different video games. As worn by Quita.

Phases of Rikku - KH2

Rikku as pixie/fairy? I always knew she was a little flitty. :D

Anime Collection

Outfits from various Anime. As worn by Quita & friends.

Castlevania - Lament of Innocence

Sara Trantoul & Leon Belmont + Guests

Castlevania 64

Of 'no regrets', white roses and demon salesmen ~ Carrie Fernandez, Rosa, and Renon from Castlevania 64 / Legacy of Darkness.