Hitomi chan


Mexico City
Mexico flag Mexico

Witch Hunter Robin

my favorite witch

Women that will kick your ass XD

Al my fighting characters (except by Angel and Rayne)

Saint Seiya

The costumes of the group of Saint Seiya

Mexican next top model XD

goofing around and feeling like a model haha


My Chobits cosplay (I'm planning more)


Spike's girlfriend and one of my fav costumes (I love how my body looks inside that catsuit XD)

Non anime related costumes

Comic or movie characters that I've cosplayed

Final Fantasy cosplay

All my FF costumes

School girls

Some school girls with sailor fukus like Mamimi or Arashi


The sexy dhampir that kills nazis


The sexy mexican fighter from N.E.S.T. team!!

Sailor Mars

my favorite character played by me. I had to wait 4 years until my hair got long enough

Hitomi Kanzaki

the pics of the cosplay I've ever wanted to do

Wig Styling

the progress for many wigs that I hope I will style

In progress

in progress and test pics