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Fairy Tail

All characters and costumes from the Fairy Tail universe. Starting with our OTP Grey Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser. Likely to grow to more cannon couples we love!

Sword Art Online

All pictures from SAO, ALO or GGO. All things Asuna, Kirito and friends!

DC Universe

Black Canary and Green Arrow adventures, along with any future DC characters we might become.


Thought I'd try to gather all the Disney universe characters in one place. They may be joined by more and more in the future.

Marvel Steampunk

Did an entire Steampunk Avengers group with my friends, sister and boyfriend for Comikaze Expo 2013. We had a blast but it was hard getting around as one giant group... would LOVE to battle it out with the Steampunk Justice League group we keep hearing ab

YuGiOh (the abridged series)

Specifically, the mayhem and schemes of Marik and Bakura, likely to be joined by others in the near future.

Soul Eater

Right now, it's just myself, but come 2013 I should have a larger group of Soul Eater characters that I cosplay with. ^^


The adventures of gijinka pokemon and their trainers. Silly, cute, and stupid things will definitely happen.


Group gatherings, ect, featuring's Littlecrater as Kirara, creativeCrater as Sango, ZellyKat as Kagome, Negima as Miroku, and others

Ouran High School Host Club

Welcome to the adventures and misadventures of the members of Ouran Academy's Host Club, music room 3, where any and all are invited!

Mystery, Inc

Scooby-Doo and the mystery machine gang! Hopefully, we'll find a daphne and fred to take pics with someday and maybe even a real mystery machine!


Props and costumes in progress, makeup tests and wigs.

Sand Siblings

Collection of photos of our sand sibling cosplays. Will update with photos as we make more outfits.