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Roy -- 2012 Halloween Party

Photoshoot from a Halloween party. 10,27,12 -- Toledo OH Model -- DJCosplays Roy -- Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals

Tsukasa -- Garasu-No-Shi-Con

A photoshoot with Rinature as Tsukasa. @ Garasu-No-Shi-Con 2011 Series: .Hack//Sign

Kaito -- Bedford Mini-Con

Rhyme Lawlit as Kaito. @ The Bedford Library Anime Convention Series: Vocaloid.

Alois -- TAG Fest

A photoshoot with Unknown as Alois Trancy. @ TAG Fest 2011 Series: Black Butler

Asch The Bloody -- Youmacon

A photoshoot with Ani_Taku as Asch The Bloody. @ Youmacon 2011 Series: Tales of The Abyss

'Tales of' Cosplay

All Tales of Cosplay.

Ryu Hoshi -- Garasu-No-Shi-Con

A photoshoot with Ani_Taku as Ryu @ Garasu-No-Shi-Con 2011 Series: Street Fighter Alpha

Houou No Ruka -- Garasu-No-Shi-Con

A photoshoot with Ani_Taku as Ruka/Luca. @ Garasu-No-Shi-Con 2011 Series: Saint Beast

Neku Sakuraba -- Animarathon

A photoshoot with Ani_Taku as Neku @ Animarathon 2011 Series: The World Ends With You

Yugioh Cosplay

A gallery for my Yugioh cosplay.

Other cosplay.

All other cosplay deviating from Yugioh.