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Tekken Cosplay

King and Armor King coming to life in 2016!

Super Mario Dragoncon 2015

Nintendo in full effect!

Cyrax is baaaack

No more retirement!

Halo Armor Construction

Its about damn time...

The New & Improved Starfox

Smaller head, Bigger tail, Cooler vest, Not so lame belt/boots/gun, and Brawl stuff!

Retrofit 2009

This year I am adding some new features to my Cyrax and Fox McCloud costumes. Also doing some maintenance to them as well.

The New & Improved Cyrax (M.II)

Gave Cyrax a little retrofit. The helmet v2 is complete. Also modified the arm guards straps a bit and completed the look of the boots. Will debut at Dragoncon 2009

Cyrax Helmet v2

Construction of my new and improved Cyrax helmet

Fox McCloud [Starfox Assault] Construction

Costume Construction as it happens!

Fox McCloud [Starfox Assault]

Comming as soon as I finish the costume ^_^

Photoshop Stuff!

Some fun in photoshop LOL

Halloween 2006

Uhh...exactly what the name says! Halloween 2006! XD

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2006 Saturday

My 2nd year at AWA W00T! Cyrax strikes again!