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Monster High

I love this series! I plan to cosplay many of Ghoulia's outfits and possibly a few other monsters. ^_^ Currently, I have cosplayed Ghoulia's classic/default outfit.

League of Legends

League champion cosplays. Currently Spellthief Lux.

Art Work Related

Costume tributes to amazing artists.

Fullmetal Alchemist

FMA and FMA: Brotherhood cosplays. Currently Winry Rockbell.

The Legend of Zelda

LOZ cosplays. Currently Saria.


Ponies, ponies everywhere!

Comic Related

Home of Elfquest, X-Men, and other comic related cosplays.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Series cosplays. Currently Princess Mercury and casual Ami/Mercury.

Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf cosplays. Currently Nora Arendt.

Sheryl Nome

I plan o cosplay many of Sheryl's outfits. Currently I have cosplayed her Snowman Dress/Movie Premiere Dress and her Disguise Red Dress.

Ai Yazawa

Cosplays from Nana, Paradise Kiss, and other works by Ai Yazawa.