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Nissei Week 2006

Little Tokyo (Los Angeles) celebrates the achievements of the Nissei. Cosplayers welcomed.

Anime Overdose 2006

full metal overtures

We're in Costume Take Our Picture

Cosplayers in the wild.


it's wigspray! groovin' to a brand new sound

EGL Shoot

Thanks goes to Nancy, Brocas, Lionel, and Luck in Spades

Merry AXmas 2005

Freya, K_Valentine, and I revisit the Anaheim Hilton for Fruits Basket photo goodness.

We're in Costume, Take Our Picture

trapped in the closet

AniMagic 2005

there is life outside your livejournal

Sonoma State Gender Bender 2004

my friend paul goes beyonce knowles

Broadway Cosplay

because my love for musical theatre knows no limits

Anime Expo 2005

pics from this charade

Cherry Blossom Festival 2005

i'll march my band out

Recca Con 2005

traveling and the valentine kid

Anime Overdose 2005

love anime music cosplay