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Bleach - Rukia

My WIP and hopefully, con pics 8D

Zombie Diegoooo

Halloween '09 :P


My Phoenix Wright cosplay, when he was a poor art student and dating his Dollie XD

Axis Powers: Hetalia

Me and my friends APH cosplays ^^


Taste my steaming darkness!!

Furries Ahoy!

Just of my OC for now ;)

Legend of Zelda

My planned LoZ cosplays: Midna, Link & Dark Link


Diego and femme!Diego XD I wonder what would the feminine version of that is? O_o

Dr. Franken Stein

WIP Stein cosplay

Naruto Character Attempts D:

The sad, sad attempt of Kakashi.... D: And some tests of Sauce-kay lol and Iruka :[