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Miss Aubrey Pax East 2012

Pictures of my Miss Aubrey costume from PAX East 2012

Necromancer Eve Another Anime Con 2010

AAC 2010 in New Hampshire

Nurse Joy

Pictures of my Nurse Joy costume at Connecticon 2010 and at a photoshoot done outside a few weeks later.

Necromancer Eve 2009

My Necromancer Eve costume for Connecticon 2009. I had worn this outfit in 2007 but was not as happy with it as I could have been so I updated it with a wig and a staff

Viking Shoot

An outdoor photoshoot the costumes my boyfriend and I made based on the game Viking: Battle for Asgard.


Photos of my Freya costume from the video game Viking: Battle for Asgard

Cosplay Fun

My two best friends and I decided that we worked way too hard on our freakin costumes to only wear them for 3 days. So we got together and played with my pet bunny Lexi in our costumes ^_^ Peter (Xemnas on was dressed as Dante from Devil May

Eve the Necromancer

Pictures of my costume of the Necromancer Eve from Guild Wars


Pictures of me as Toadette at Connecticon 2006 and 2007


Pictures of my cosplay of Talim from Soul Calibur 2, worn at Connecticion 2005


Pictures of me as Faye Valentine, worn at Connecticon 2003