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Fire Emblem: Elincia Woods Shoot, 2012

I was feeling kinda lousy about having basically no photos that showed off my Elincia costume after so much dang work was put into it. My brother had a new camera system to test out and we had a free Sunday afternoon so I happily got some gorgeous shots.

Fire Emblem: Elincia

WIP shots so far

Youmu (Touhou Project)

Deceptively simple costumes are very time consuming when you end up trying to have all the little details finished nicely.

Sakura (Tsubasa Peacock Outfit)

Images found of this costume and my lovely matching Yukito!

Sakura & Yukito Photoshoot, 2010

While we were initially hoping to make it to the Cheltenham Badlands for photos the weather was not permitting. We ended up going to the local Dominion Seedhouse Gardens and got some awesome shots anyway.

.Hack (A20)

I was the lowly n00b A20 for this cosplay to accompany my truly astounding Helba and Balmung. And, you know, to keep them from running into things and such.

Sakura (Tsubasa Fire Kimono)

Epic level costuming, everything else seems easy!