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Susan Escalante: Rydia of the Mist

At EVACON, Chile. Awesome Susan as Rydia Of the Mist Photography by Hyo (a.k.a Kidara)


HunterxHunter Cosplayed by Javiera Siri Photography: DarkMoon Kidara

[Vocaloid] Project Diva: White Flame

A Kiriban it was won by Honoka :3 Hatsune Miku by Honoka Kaito by Katya

HOTD: Miyamoto Rei

Chise chan as Miyamoto Rei. Z day!

Toradora!: S N A P D A Y

here was summer, and we decided to do an summer and casual version of Toradora! just with the three girls. Just a funny day~ Photography: Kidara Illumination and assitance: Yu

Battle Royale: Kazuo Kiriyama

About this cold character chasing... the predator!

VOCALOID: Deep Blue Prince

One day with Takato, i had nothing to do in the day... and like in two hours we organized a small photoshoot... I had never seen vocaloid, but that day I learned all i wanted to know about it xD Asato as Kaito, from Vocaloid.


Triying casual shoots, cotidian things. With Piyoko and Cuek chan.


Canuleia at Anime Festival [Chile]. ..she will kill xD

Collection - Midnight Walk

We meet... Chise chan, Piyoko and Sai to make a photoshoot... that ended like this after a series of problems...

Shiki ~ Togainu no Chi

Last days I found some shoots that i had lost in my old PC. Now I made a re selection and processing of them. ...A photosession that was almost a mess. Becouse of my bad mood of making things we where pulled out from a cementery >_<, and then we went t

Reira is Waiting [NANA]

My dear Misato as Reira. A shoot from April... i lost the original files, so I forgot to upload this photoshoot x3. A bit hard for me, cos` in that moment i didn`t know well how to handle with low illumination. I still don`t handle well, but better than

Wordless Angel - Nill~DOGS

+Cosplayer: Piyoko-Shannaro Session made with Rinoa_Yuna, at the middle of a mountain. Inside a little and ultra tiny japanese garden... many people made the trekking to the garden... and got amazed... cos` they did a hard walking for that... piece of

Agains the seasons - Zashiki Warashi [Rinoa_Yuna]

In the time of my vacations, I meet with two cosplayers: Rinoa_Yuna and Piyoko Shannaro. And we went to a small japanese garden... it was in the middle of a mountain... so... well, trekking is not for us D: Rinoa went up carrying a wallet x__X... almos