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The final product of three months of planning and loads of stress.

Neytiri Process photos

All my process pics were placed here in order to make some space! XD


one of my favorite dresspheres!

Rikku X-2 (theif)

My old and new Rikku all mixed up in one album full of love! ^___^

Rikku X

My little old Rikku, when will i ever finish this?

Rikku Lady luck

WOOHOO! super sexy and drafty outfits! what more could a guy want?

Kos-Mos version 4

The finished product! after failing the first time i decided to do my best and give it my all, and here it is.

old KOS-MOS V4 (New one in process)

These are the photos of my old Kos-mos cosplay,i am currently repairing it. Since i had some really nice photos i really didnt want to delete them so i just put them all in here for the heck of it.

The real me

well...these are a few pics of me when i'm not wearing my costumes or something silly.I just felt like placing a few pics,i don't know why.LOL