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Robo Batman

Cosplayer Alex Luu did a quick photo shoot with me in the hot weather. I tried not to get him too exhausted. Alex made an original concept of Batman. He is the first cosplayer to offer me a tip!

Monster Hunter: Azure Rathalos Huntress

This is from my first cosplay event in the Philippines. It was held in a huge mall. It was very crowded and challenging to get photos without people in the background. The armor costumes are more common here, and very impressively made!

Lineage II: Dark Elf

I took these photos at my first cosplay event in the Philippines. I met cosplayer Mary Grace online less than a year ago. What a thrill it was to be in the same city to photograph her in one of her amazing creations!

Cirque Du Soleil: KA

Cosplayer Akusesu agreed to do this energetic photo shoot as the Boy Imperial Twin, even though she was very exhausted from doing other photo shoots. I thank her so much for it!


I met cosplayer Vani on this Gathering, by merely walking up to her without introducing myself. Instead, I said "I have an idea. " After describing the aerial shot I wanted, she agreed. Now, we know each other. :-)


I made it to my first So Cal Gathering. It was a very fun bunch of about 400 people. I got there very late, but I got a few photo shoots I am proud of. It was especially neat meeting people I knew from other events, but I also liked meeting new people. :)

Power Rangers Unmasked

These are pictures taken on the movie set of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television show, by me, during the very first season, when it all started.

The Crow City of Angels: Kali

The late actress Thuy Trang, best known as the original Yellow Power Ranger, invited me to photograph her at a pick-up shoot for this movie. They just needed to film some reaction shots of her. This was like only a week before the movie was released!

Tomb Raider Philippines

As I presently live on a tropical island in the Philippines, I met a model who also lived here. She informed me, it was only a dream to have cosplay photos. I used a variety of beautiful locations that were very close to each other.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Ven & Terra

Akusesu and Court were proudly displaying their amazing armor costumes, creating some great photo oportunities.

Oni: Konoko

Cosplayer Ginger caught my eye when she walked by in her futuristic, action cosplay. She did some daring moves, as she really fell down the stairs on one shot (fortunately, uninjured).

Mortal Kombat: Scorpion & Sub-Zero

On Independence Day, two cosplayers express their independence by bringing their favorite Mortal Kombat characters to life.

Speed Grapher

I met two energetic cosplayers that were more than willing to do numerous moving poses. They had completely different costumes each day of the event.

WMAC Masters (tv series)

A couple of stuntmen I worked with on Power Rangers became main characters on WMAC Masters. They (Tsunami & Panther), helped get me hired on this show too. It was the fastest paced movie set I ever worked on, with all the pre-set, computerized lighting.

Watchmen: Silk Spectre II

Cosplayer Annisse did a spontanious photo shoot with me. She was quite a trooper as she repeated the action poses.