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Lain of the Wired

Close this world, open the nExt

a little pain

Shin x Reira photoshoot - part of a larger NANA group shoot. The sequence of the images follows the start of their relationship.

Lost My Music

The outfit is used in the series during a concert for the band ENOZ. So I tried to re-create a concert type environment though use of concert-ish looking lighting within a studio for the shoot.

Hetalia - Liechtenstein and Switzerland

The siblings, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, from Axis Powers Hetalia.

Street Fighter: Chun Li vs Ibuki

Photoshoot at Fanime. I found this cool area in the stairwell by my hotel room and had to find a way to use it. yume-darling asked me about doing a shoot for her, and I decided this would be the perfect spot.

Prince of Pasta

Gunslinger Girl photoshoot: Marco, Angelica's "brother", takes it upon himself to create a fairy tale entitled "The Prince of the Pasta Kingdom". Angelica may be a killer with a mechanical body, but she is still a young girl.