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kos mos

wow...just wow.... this was an ambitious cosplay for me. it all started when i was on netflix and realized they had th xenosaga anime, then te games flooded back to me, although i did struggle beating them, i loved playing them. and i was like heck, lets

clare claymore

claymores are tough, awesome, deadly warriors, and cosplaying as one was so much fun.i really hope to cosplay as more claymores in the future :) especially ophelia :P

thief rikku

oh man i sure love rikku, and i love this cosplay. it is so fun to wear, very comfy, and having blades is such a blast. for this costume i made all the clothing articles, but the blades were made by cerulean draco and the wig was by taiyo wigs. they both

talho yuuki

this shoot was taken of my talho cosplay at AX by Fiverings

gunner yuna

what to say about this cosplay. well it was my first cosplay and i love it dearly. i learned alot about costume making with this costume. i learned how to use a sewing machine, and i learned how much i am a perfectiosist and do stuff multiple time to do t

Pre-time skip Yoko Ritona

i love yoko, i mean LOVE yoko. gurren was the first anime i ever really got addicted to (i am more of a video game girl). and the second i saw this anime i knew i needed to cosplay. i will admit, i do not have the yoko body, but i figured why not and have