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Worn at Acen 2008.

In Progress

Construction photos of various costumes and props.

Cutie Honey Live Action Movie

Jayyne as Cutie Honey, BADMAN Bob as Black Claw, and my self as Scarlet Claw, Otakon 2006.


Photos of Nephrite from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


Photos of The Kirin from Pet Shop of Horrors


Photos of Laures from Seimaden

Rainbow Brite

Photos of Rainbow Brite from Rainbow Brite

Miwako Sakurada

Miwako Sakurada from Paradise Kiss

JAFAX 2003

A couple of pictures of Jayyne dressed as Hilda from Seimaden at JAFAX 2003.

Otakon 2005

Not alot of photos in here. I was lazy and didn't carry my camera around most of the time ^_^;

Ohayocon 2005

Not much, just some silly photos =)

Acen 2003

My friend Bob dressed as Roderique from Seimaden at Acen 2003. With this new categorization system poor Bob gets to be all by his lonesome in this album.

Ohayocon 2004

An album to hold photos of my friend's costumes for Ohayocon 2004