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Rachel Alucard

Tea. Now. Photos here thanks to: Einobaka =]

Chane Laforet

Even silent killers will pose for pictures. Sometimes. Photos here thanks to: Einobaka =]

Hirasawa Yui

GIITA~~ <3 ! Photos here thanks to: TheBigTog, KitsuneCagalli =]

Ranka Lee

Our favorite green-haired Songstress of Hope in her various outfits ! Photos here thanks to: Ollie, KitsuneCagalli, Blanko, Einobaka, EBK, Knightmare6 =]

Casual Cosplay

Original takes on characters using pieces from my closet !

Props, Wigs, Accessories...

Any of that stuffs not definitively specific to a single cosplay !

Old Cosplay

Some random pictures of my older "version 1.0" cosplays !