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Blu Spy

Spy from TF2. Awful progress shots and hopefully some nice ones from future conventions.


Photos of Haydee from the series Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.


A few pictures of my Poke'mon hoodie that will be worn at meetups at conventions I attend.

Eiko Carol FFIX

Ohayocon 2010 A&G Ohio

Melfina from Outlaw Star

From an anime that I have always felt was overlooked by the other sci-fi titans that came out the same year it did (Trigun, Cowboy Bebop). I Have always wanted to cosplay as Melfina...she is so adorable.

Faye Valentine

A femme fatale I have always wanted to cosplay, and recently have gathered the courage to go as. Progress and at con photos will be put in here! i hope I meet many more bebop fans in the coming months!

Nell Tu

Young Nell from Bleach. Worn at Anime Punch 2008.

Hollow Madness: Ohayocon 2008

A few pics of Ohayocon 2008 with some pictures of my hollow costume. Thank you to those providing pictures...I didn't have a camera to take images of myself.

Lilith 2007

Lilith from Dark Stalkers.

Galian Beast Vincent 2007

Galian Beast, from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. Mostly keepign it under wraps until I debut it at Ohayocon. So there will be few to no prgression shots.

Legato Bluesummers, Trigun Maximim

Images of my cosntantly in progress of my favorite Costume to wear, Legato Bluesummers.

ACenTrigun Madness

Yeah thats right, me and my Trigun fandom are at it once more. Enjoy yeself and our quirkyness.

Vincent Valentine -06

My Costume progression and completed photos for my Vincent Valentine crossplay that will be worn first at Ohayocon 2006! ~

Otakon 2005

Trigun Trigun and some other fun stuff :D!

Sugoicon 2004