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Wind Beneath My Cape

combo of probably 3 photoshoots lol. Two from cons and one from a outside photo shoot. photo credz, lilaznfreak

Laughter is Madness

Aang is lilaznfreak, Azula is me ;D photo credz to it was a fun shoot to be hopping around and doing mock fight scenes. tiring but fun XD

Enter Sakura's Rival

WIll be photos of CCS Li plus Sakura XD photo credz to Mr. Suzuki and his intern lol

Rain on Me

Combo of two shoots of my Juvia totally opposing seasons lol. Photo credz to Mr. Suzuki and lilaznfreak

The Beauties of War

Taken at Devonian Gardens on a nice summer day. Photo credz go to Unknown who patiently went with us for the whole day...THANK YOU!

All That Glitters...

Photos taken by Unknown. Taken during Otafest 2010

A Rebellion

Taken during Animethon 16 in Edmonton. Cosplayers: ly*chee, Mikini, Shiro to Kuro, かおり, lilanzfreak Photographer: lutea

A Journey of Madness Photos thanks to unknown and pockymistress

Amongst the Dead

it was cold...even tho i should be used to this weather...sadly... -_-""""" thanks sooo much for coming out everyone! really appreciate it! photos by unknown and pockymistress! <3

Let the Darkness Entice

some pictures of the org jacket "complete" for the con and a picture of the complete complete thing is the last pic pictures thanks to dad


photoshoot of me and no gun T_T thanks to mum, dad and sis for the help and photos!

A Feather's Distance Away

Syaoran and Sakura shoot. Chp.100 artwork Photos thanks to dad<3

Cerberus: Gun Progress

Cerberus progress for my ref and yours! ~enjoy~ Now complete in its entirety! collage is seen on the main page...if you can find it >.<