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Big Guddamn Heroes.

Zaeed Massani of Mass Effect 2 and 3

Witch of the Wilds

Dragon Age 2 - Flemeth

Fear the Ardat Yakshi

My asari commando 2.0/ Morinth

Spillin' Drinks

The priiiize


Just remember the one rule of Omega.

The Loyalist

Mass Effect 2's Miranda Lawson in her loyalty outfit.

Fight for the Lost

Mass Effect 2!

The type of woman Captain Kirk would go for.

This album is specifically for my Asari photos. Some will be test photos but I'm hoping that I'll get real photos soon.

Your ship is amazing, Shepard!

My Tali'Zorah nar Rayya costume from Mass Effect. My first set of photos I wanted a Feros atmosphere. Photos were taken and edited by my boyfriend. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me! Or email at hmwsgx at gmail dot com


Works in progress

Tali costume in the works

Step by step process on my costume.