Montreal , Quebec
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Final Fantasy Shoot

Taken at Angringnon park and Downtown old Montreal. These shots were taken by me and modelled by my cosplay buddies.

Old MTL shoot

These were taken in the heart of old Montreal. Found a nice spot in between some old buildings and had a lot of fun with people.

Xmen Shoot

Took some photos at Geek Fest

Mount Royal Photoshoot 09

Various pictures were taken on the lovely site of Mount Royal Montreal

Naruto photoshoot 11/10/09

Finally got some better shots with my new camera.

Naruto Shoot

Taken in the streets of Montreal's China Town. We were a huge cosplay group of different animes/ video game characters being looked at and photographed by tourists lol.

Lenneth Valkyrie

"Come to me my dark warriors battle awaits us" ~ Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile. This is the main character from the RPG Valkyrie Profile also my favorite kick ass female character.