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The Real Prima Donna - Princess Kraehe (Odile)

All of my Odile tutu Kraehe/Rue photos will go here!

Rydia (Sakizou Ver)

Rydia based on the artwork of Sakizou.

Lucy Steel (In the Sky with Diamonds)

Album for photos of my Lucy costume, in all her pom-pom'd glory.

Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli

Me as Johnny and my boyfriend as Gyro, both costumes made by me, though he did make the hat, belt base, spurs, and steel balls for his Gyro. :)

Etna (Disgaea)

All of my Etna costumes will be going in here!


All things Ico, including my Ico costume and my friend Britt as my Yorda, too!

Reimi Sugimoto - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 4)

The first in hopefully a long line of JoJo costumes - I absolutely love this series!

Leila Marcus : Vampire Hunter D-Bloodlust

Tomboy with a big gun from one of my fave fandoms - gotta love it. ;D

Hikaru Shidou (Artbook - Caped Goddess)

All photos of MKR's pink-haired shorty goes here! :D

Xellos - Episode 17 (DRAG) - Slayers NEXT

Dragtastic Xellos. There's really not much else to say that could describe it better.

Wander : Shadow of the Colossus

Progress and costume pics of my Wander costume. :D To be debuted at OhayoCon 2009.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2008

Photos from the con of me, my friends, boyfriend, and other people I got to meet at this amazing convention! :D