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Organization XIII

my Organization costumes: Xigbar & TRON Vexen (w/ other Org cosplayers, too)

Kingdom Hearts - Deep Dive (Another Side) : Photoshoot

My alternate shots from a quickie Los Angeles shoot, previously seen from Elemental's POV. Featuring Dual_wielder as Roxas (in Saeru's old Roxas coat), Saeru as Riku (in Dual_wielder's old Axel coat) and Amy as Axel (in her own coat.)

Death-Note Photoshoot

Photos I took on 06-16-07 featuring CloakedSchemer as Rem w/ Saeru as Misa.

Lloyd w/ Dragon Buster

my Lloyd costume (which gets its own gallery due to so many photos)

Nightmare w/ Soul Edge

my Nightmare costume (which gets its own gallery due to so many photos)

illustration inspired

my costumes that are extrapolated from 2D artwork: Dream, Cloud, Atine

Psycho le Cému

my PLC costumes: Lida & YURA-sama (w/ other PLC cosplayers)

video games

my various video game cosplays


my (non-PLC) visual music recreation costumes: Kaoru & Kami

anime & manga

my various costumes of characters from anime/manga sources

other cosplayers

portraits and cgs of friends + other con-report-type photos that I have taken


pieces, plushies, in-progress previews & prop details


sleep-deprivation, parodies, bad puns, magical-ness & whatnot

old stuff

Be forewarned: *really* old stuff! Either old versions or completely retired costumes or otherwise ancient photos that for some reason I am still leaving posted up.