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Rei Miyamoto:Highschool of the dead

This is my newest and most recent cosplay! It is rei from highschool of the dead! Also my gf cosplaying as Takashi Komuro ^-^

Panty and stocking

This is a collage of all of our panty and stocking shoots. :)

Florida Anime Experience(FAE)

This was taken at FAE(Saturday only)

Soft Cream Bodyline

This is a collection of me in my sweet soft cream bodyline lolita dress. Its soooo pretty and cute! I loves it. ^-^


A collection of my taiwan photos ^^


my seychelles cosplay.

Lolita wa

This is a photo album collection of lolita wa styled dresses that i have.

Kuroshitsuji:Ciel Phantomhive

This is a collection of me in my ciel cosplay. Along with my butler Sebastian Michaelis.

Romeo x Juliet

This is a collection of our Romeo x Juliet cosplay. Romeo: Ever_Eternal Juliet: Misaviolin19

sweet alita

this is a photo album of my sweet alita cosplay photos. And also staring in the photo album is my gf cosplaying as her lolita, Miss Autumn.

Kuroshitsuji: Elizabeth Middleford

this is me cosplaying in some of Lizzy's dresses.

Naomi Misora

Along featured in this album is Raye Penbar and L. Lawliet which are cosplayed by the same person.

Anime Festival Orlando 2009

These were photos taken at AFO10 in Orlando, Fl 2009.

Kingdom Hearts II

This is an album my gf and I did cosplaying as Sora, and Kairi. We took some of these photos at a local island here in our town and at the beach. One of my other cosplaying friends just got their riku cosplay items in so we should be taking photos with a

Ouran High School Host Club-Haruhi Fujioka

This is an album Collection of me cosplaying as haruhi along with some other members of the host club. I figured if I eventually took photos with other members I may as well put them in here as well.