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Kathinja from Legend of Mana costume.

Vocaloid cosplay

Let's pretend I can sing and dance...yeah...

Pokemon Gijinka

Because they are just too damn cute to resist!

World Cup Asuka

We needed easy costumes for when we're staffing. There is a piece of fanart with Asuka dressed up for the World Cup. SURE, WHY NOT.

Olga Orly

Obligatory Orly joke goes here.

Songstress Rikku

Such a bright and obnoxious costume. I love it.

Sailor Moon Wig Process

Just for fun, I took pictures while I was making my Sailor Moon wig! So, I thought maybe I'd post them. This isn't really going to be a legit 'tutorial'--there are already a couple of those out there--but just an example of the process, I guess ^^

Satomi Ozawa--Narutaru/Shadow Star

School girl full of hate and rage.

Stuff made for other people

People actually give me money to make them stuff sometimes. Yay!




Sometimes I make progress on stuff.

Nice Holystone

From Baccano! Tight pants and bombs and liquid latex, oh my.

Calamity Jane

Rocking the beehive-hairdo. Hopefully.

Shalua Rui

Of the Dirge of Cerberus variety

Asuka - Yellow Dress

First time using a pattern ever. Didn't sleep a whole night so I could finish it. Fun times.