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Thief Rikku

2nd go at this costume! Wee!


School Uniform

Chun Li--Street Fighter

Alpha Jumpsuit


Chobits cosplay!

Revolutionary Girl Utena

TV series Utena!

Gothic Lolita Asuka--take two!

I did this costume before, aaaaaand now I have a better one!

Neko -- Project K

I am Shiro's Neko nyaa~

Rarity--Casual Pinup

First Rarity costume--and I certainly hope it's not the last :D

Asuka with Pink Apron

A costume appropriate for summer weather!? How can this be?!

Pearl (Legend of Mana)

More Legend of Mana cosplay! Yay!

The Eredar Twins

Grand Warlock Alythess and Lady Sacrolash in all their hoofed glory