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Costume made by TheSkiesAbove and altered by myself with other additions. See the costume description for more information :)

Ensign Ro Laren

Random photos of my Ro Laren costume.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 Photoshoot

Photoshoot w/ TheBigTog and TheSkiesAbove at AnimeNEXT! :D

Trauma Team Photoshoot

Photoshoot for Trauma Team at my school's Nursing Lab. Featuring Sandy (no cos.com) as Maria and TheSkiesAbove as Naomi.

Fire Nation Katara

Pictures of my FN Katara and our Fire Nation Troupe!


Photos of my Katara costume from Book 2: Earth =)

Gotham City Sirens Casual Harley Quinn

Pictures of my GCS Harley. This is an official costume design, and much easier to wear than all the facepaint for days in a row!

Joker & Harley

I made my Mistah J and brought him along! These are mostly Joker & Harley 2.0, but some by himself when I get 'em.

Comission Work

All the commissions I've worked on~

Sailor Moon, season 1

Pictures of my Moonie costume! This was ridiculously difficult and I worked really hard to make sure that noting on this costume would be left for wanting xD Very little has to be done to alter this costume, so it will probably stay as-is. =)

Harley Quinn 2.0

My near-final version of Harley Quinn! <3

Original Designs

Anything I've made not based on any design or just off on the fly. =)

Dagger/Princess Garnet

This is the travel suit of Dagger/Princess Garnet. I commissioned the wig, and everything else I muddled through making by myself. It's really a gorgeous costume and I am so very pleased. :D