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Reiko the Zombie Shop

My Reiko costume from Otakon 2007

House of Slytherin

my various Slytherin costumes (more to be worn/uploaded after Dragon*Con)

Dead or Alive

DOA cosplay - Ayane c1 and c5, Kasumi c1, c2, c4, c6 and Hitomi c6.

Resident Evil

Ada Wong, made in 2006

The Legend of Zelda

OoT Princess Zelda and Malon, constructed/worn in 2006

Sailor Moon cosplay

Sailor Jupiter, Wedding Dress Haruka, Sailor Uranus (versions 1 and 2), Princess Uranus, Maria as Sailor Neptune and Princess Neptune, Sailor Cosmos, Princess Jupiter, Sailor Mars (version 2 only), Super Sailor Mars, Zoisite, Sailor Venus, Super Sailor Ve

Yukino Miyazawa and Maho Izawa from Kare Kano

Yukino =D pictures from parks at Niagara Falls -- Maho Izawa, photos from Katsucon 06... because I didn't feel like wearing a wig and had her hair. Costume finished in early 2005

Relena Darlian / Peacecraft

my various Relena cosplays, both from 2005

Chobits Cosplay

So far just 1 Chii costume. It was started in 2003, debuted in 2005. The most recent remake was made in 2006.

Final Fantasy Cosplay

Zidane and Dagger, Tifa, Aeris, Rinoa, Yuna (in progress), Lenne (in progress). Aeris is from 2001, Tifa

My Cosplay

Sakura Shinguji, Yomiko Readman, Duo Maxwell, and Belldandy. A.k.a old costumes that I don't have many pictures of ^^

Other cosplayers

photos I've taken of either my friends or complete strangers XD;; mostly old cons (>2005)