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Lovely Complex

Casual Otani!

Gau- The Wild Child

Myself as Gau for the super awesome amazing FF6 group taking over Otakon 2009. (well, I'll only be Gau for like an hour, sorry)

Celes Progress

Celes Chere, Otakon 2009 Progress Pics.

Princess Zelda: Twilight Princess

But wait! How can there be more pictures?! DXX

Rikku (FFX) Street Clothes

Yes, I do dare. XD Randomness! In prep for possible FFX Rikku cosplay. :D

Animal Crossing~Progress Pics

Progress pics of AC girl. :)

Otakon 2008

Pictures from Otakon 2008. Inclues me (BalthierFlare) as Zelda and Sophie, TerraFire as Howl, and Muten as Master Roshi.

Yuna's Wedding Dress~Photoshoot Pictures

More pictures from my photoshoot at my house and my Uncles. Photography (c) Muten.

Yuna's Wedding Dress~ Progress Pictures

All of my progress pictures for Yuna! :)


This is a Calcifer I made for my Sophie cosplay, and for my friend who is cosplaying as Howl. ^^

Malo Mart Bag!

I made a Malo Mart bag to carry stuff around for a con in my Zelda cosplay.


This is a Freezie from Super Smash Brothers Brawl I made to go along with my Zelda for a SSBB photoshoot.