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Code Geass R2: Karren (xmas outfit)

Based on the xmas artwork. Me and Aotenshi decided to do a small xmas shoot so we could send a nice card to our friends in cosplay style :) Photographer: MSXHinter Mua: Demy. N. Mua

Siesta 410 (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)

This album contains photos taken @ the animecon 2011, Almelo. Me and my friends decided it would be fun to cosplay something cute and coloury for that convention and this is the result. We were quite pleased and had so much fun. Enjoy! Photographer: Kee

Yuna Black Mage (Final Fantasy X-2)

pictures taken @ abunai 2010 of our Black Mages group

Ada Wong (Resident Evil: 4)

This cosplay I did especially for the F.A.C.T.S 2009 convention together with my other Resident Evil friends :D...As a real Resident Evil fan it was a lot of fun to actually cosplay Ada Wong.

Actrice (Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness / 64)

This costume was my main costume for the animecon 2009. It was a lot of work but I'm quite satisfied. Now if only people knew who Actrice is...she is quite random haha. Im hoping that together with the other Castlevania cosplayers we can do an act.

Christie (Dead or Alive 4)

The Christie outfit I just had to make (after Aotenshi made me to) XD and together with her and my other new cosplay friends I think we looked great!

Kallen (Code Geass: R2)

Together with my good friend Aotenshi (posing as CC) I decided that we should make some pics together since Karren and CC are awesome chars to begin with.

Original Designs

Fantasy fair costumes and such

Lara Croft (1st movie Tomb Raider)

The Lara Croft outfit that is seen in the 1st Tomb Raider movie

Reith (Magna Carta: Tears of Blood)

This costume I wanted to do for a long time since it looks so yellow and bright! I decided to cosplay it together with my friend and my sister who also cosplay Tears of Blood chars!!!

Justine Borne (Magna Carta: Tears of Blood)

My sister cosplaying Justine Borne..She is just adorable!

Yuna Gunner (Final Fantasy X-2)

This cosplay is something I borrowed from lady lionheart. It's one of my favorite characters! ^^

Monk (Ragnarok Online)

The Ragnarok Online artwork monk Costume Because I was playing Ragnarok Online together with 2 other friends, we decided it would be fun to cosplay it together at the Animecon 2008. I like the monk character a lot and this is my favorite costume!

Quistis Trepe (Final Fantasy 8)

The in-game outfit of Quistis Trepe I just love this costume...it started as a small joke! My friend asked me if I wanted to cosplay with her. We were already working on other costumes and she decided we could do this one as well! YAY