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Lenalee ver 3 cosplay

I sold my old Lenalee cosplay to a happy new owner I met at noncon 2016 !! Indeed it was a great year

kirito jacket

wanted my boyfriend to cosplay him and agreed to make the jacket, gloves

Osiris red Jacket 8/13/11

I remade this jacket to fit better :D

Jounouchi katsya battle city t shirt 6/17/11

well I just made this out 'a the blue as well and surely after animeNEXT :o

Obilisk blue jacket 7/29/11

This is my second take at this jacket, I decided to remake it after I wore the old one at animeNEXT '11 and almost keeled over in sweltering heat xD

Madoka(unsraw) jacket

from "guilty"

ra yellow jacket like Shou ;p

my last Yu-Gi-Oh GX related installment

Emi(school nurse) of Yu-Gi-Oh GX jacket

well unfortunately her presence in the series is too insignificant for her to be a favorite character of mine but I liked her jacket anyway.

Suzaku pilot uniform in jacket form o-O

well this is what I would have imagined it to look like. The collar is really limp -.- and the black fabric is really hot so I wear it mostly in the winter time or when the weather is cool.

original pieces

well that is as original as you wanna call it although I had to get inspiration from somewhere /heh

osiris red jacket like Judai =D

Well yea I know I screwed it up but I still love it. Man I gotta find one \'a those Yu-Gi-Oh events and hit them up in this baby /gg would be epic I just need a 2 colored wig and say to all \"HEY GAIS WHO AM I?! /fsh\" I love Judai alot so thats why

obilisk blue take one

Yep the one and only this came out a little better then my osiris red jacket, and it is one of my favorite projects so far. It fits very well the only flaw is its really hot and I mean the fabric is definitly not for summer weather all that fleece but its