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Guy (Final Fight)

Real Gi. Grew hair. Hand-sewn Kenji. Worked Out. Nothing more to say than this was really fun and I hope that I've honoured the Final Fight brand. Photographer: Jillian Davey. Photoshoot Location: Downtown Brantford, Canada (same place they filmed Silent

Roy Mustang

My girlfriend introduced me to Full Metal Alchemist and I fell in love with the series. As soon as I saw Mustang I couldn\'t believe the personality resemblance. Cosplay was a must. This was my first \"Anime\" cosplay and, as always, I wanted to be ver

The Scarecrow

Used real authentic parts that Dr. Jonathan Crane would have used when making his costume. Mask, Body suit and Feet were made with burlap, manually stitched and ripped by hand (not scissors). The only part I used scissors was to cut the holes in the mask.


Real Karate parts (Gi, Gloves, etc). Its all about the "presence" of Ryu: the face, the mood, the voice. Eye-brows were touched-up for the proper Anime feel. Chin hair "stubble" was grown for a week to achieve authenticity. I also walk around the conv