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Space Gays

Starfighter costumes!

I'm With The Crue

Lame as it is, I enjoy cosplaying '80s rockers. Specifically the men of Motley Crue. Hence, this album.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012

I had a super great time. My first full fledged con in a LONG time.

Chemical Romance

My My Chemical Romance related costume(s)


Jem and the Holograms-oriented cosplay.

Pellicon 2011

I wore what I had done of the Boss and had a great time.

Assassin's Creed

Photos of my and my friends' Assassin's Creed costumes.

Otakon 2010

Better than my last Otakon. The debut of Illuminati Gackt.

JAMPcon 2010

Second year con. Pretty good. Mostly gonna be my sephiroth shoot, though, since my con-floor photography isn't the best.

Momocon 2010

Any and all photos of me or other cosplayers from Momocon 2010 in ATL, GA

Kajonk-a-con 2009

Debut of Ansem and Guardian!

Misc. Costumes

Original designs, closet costumes, and other miscellaneous nonsense.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2009

The Debut of my Cyber Nurse outfit, as well as Saix from Kingdom Hearts II.