France flag France

Gally Alita Battle Angel

Because I really like this cyborg character and the Gunnm manga

Pretty Cure

Cure Sunshine : my favorite one !


Moro with Maru (xxx Holic, Clamp art)

Pirate Original

Presonnal creation of a pirate women

Trèfle, Suu silk veil version

Cosplay from Clover artwork my favorite costume from this character specialy created for the four Clamp who see it on stage Thanks a lot to her !

Doll, the tightrope walker

from the circus in Kuroshitsuji

Sailor Moon Super S (Manga Version)

This is the manga version of Sailor moon super S I would make this one because I love the shade off on dress and collar from yellow to blue. It's my first cosplay of sailor moon and my favorite costume from this manga...I hope you 'll find it well

Medieval magician

Personal creation of magician dress inspired by medieval epoch. Picture are taking in a fantastic french castle in Normandie

Il était une fois Giseeeelle

Voilà pour ceux qui comme moi sont des fan de "Il était une fois"...

Amidala padme lake dress

my first cosplay star wars i'm totaly in love of this dress colors and hair style maybe i'm not like Nathalie Portman...

Princess emeraude Magic Knights Rayearth

La princesse emeraude adulte

Sakura Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Photos of Sakura from tsubasa reservoir chronicles