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Anime North 2010

Pictures I took at Anime North 2010

Trip to Wonderland - Ellexbriga KH OC

Photoshoot I had for my Wonderland Ellexbriga cosplay.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts cosplays :)


Pictures of costumes I take on Halloween.

Quinte Cosplay Day / Photoshoot

Photos taken at the Quinte cosplay day / photoshoot on Halloween [2009].

Halloween Town KH - AN2009

The Halloween Town photoshoot at Anime North 2009. Group contains of: Riku (orange), Riku (silver), Xemnas, and Roxas.


Makeup tests and such

Organization XIII - AN2009

The Organization XIII photoshoot at Anime North 2009. Consists of: Org: Xemnas, Xigbar, Vexen, Saix, Axel, Demyx, Larxene, Roxas Heroes: Space Paranoids Sora, AntiRiku, Riku [Deep Dive]

Special Shots

Shots that are of me in my wigs, but not in cosplay, and no particular outfit.

Punk Roxas - KHII

Punky Roxas photos

Nerdy Roxas - KHII

My nerdy Roxas photos. I was wearing my reading glasses.

XII & XIII [Larxene & Roxas]

Photoshoot with a friend.

Anime North 2009

Photos I took at the convention

Otakuthon 2009

Photos I took at the convention

Roxas in the Rain

Taken before my wig was restyled. I actually went out in the rain with my wig, but I did have an umbrella.