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elizabeth progress

RIddler progress

Progress on my fem riddler for halloween

Tea Time

Photoshoot with Znera Cosplay as Hatsune Miku

The road to Tristram

D3 fembarb photoshoot

Harry Potter DH2 release!

My costume progress and eventually debut of Professor McGonagall in her yule ball robe!

Halloween 2010

Princess Garnet and Zidane.


Auriaya @ BlizzCon 2010! Anaheim, Ca October 22-23 and Cryptozoic Darkmoon Faire LA, December 4-5


I've been working up bringing Kairi back up to wearable. Everything is back up to speed so I took her out to the beach!

Lonely poker

Colonial Officer

Lady Blaumeux

Pictures from BlizzCon 09, As Lady Blaumeux.

Blizzcon 08

Blizzcon 08


A couple of shots of my Ravenclaw get-up.