Homemade Wig Detangler Spray

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#16 Ion on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=Darth ivy;5024734]I know this is an older topic, and I hope I am allowed to post / ask this:
What kind of lotion do you refer to? I am not too familiar with some terms, so better ask before regretting a mistake :)[/QUOTE]

Hand lotion, body lotion, baby lotion, scented or unscented... you can use pretty much anything you want for this recipe. You may use pretty much anything you want and it does not have to be an expensive product either. Something you buy at a discount store or even one of the small bottles that hotels have in rooms will work just as well.

Also, do not worry about making mistakes. You can always wash this out of your wig and start over.

#17 Darth ivy on 3 years ago

Thank you, for your reply :)
Will certainly come handy with my wig - it's wavy and is a bit stubborn, certainly will give it a go :D

#18 CelestialAries on 3 years ago

This is AMAZING!! Totally using it on my Kotori wig ASAP~

#19 Lost Cause on 2 years ago

Will need to give this a go on my Sailor Mars wig since it pretty much instantly tangled as soon as I took it out of the bag.

#20 astraeavenus on 2 years ago

You are a lifesaver!!! Wish I had seen this before I tried to detangle my Me!Me! wig and got hair fibers all over the hotel room ;;

#21 gypsy_girl on 1 year ago

I tried this. First time, I didn't over do it. Then I sprayed more. Very helpful. I'm using this on a very cheap wig and it worked.

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