Purple Rain Angel




This costume was made as a "Tribute to Yaya Han" for our cosplay.com (Germany) get-together & photoshoot in Frankfurt, on Easter 2007.

I'd made the black wings one year earlier for a theatre project (modeled after Yaya's stunning Belldandy wings), for the Angel-of-Death featured in my play. But I've always wanted to wear them myself sometime, so the idea to this sort of "gothic" angel costume was born when Yaya announced her visit to Germany^^

The corset, skirt, wig, and jewelry were all made within about a week (during which I should've worked on more "serious" things, but... this costume intrigued me, I just had to get it done for the photoshoot^^)

I'm madly in love with both the wig and corset^^ I really love how the combination of colors and materials turned out, too.


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Character Purple Rain Angel


Narnian Stunning. How did you make your wings?