Quina Quen

Final Fantasy IX



I've been wanting to make at least ONE Final Fantasy character, but all my favorites wear little to nothing. D: boo.

Then I remembered this annoying buggar, and had to pick her/him/it! HAH. I choose to follow the character illustration version as opposed to the in-game version.

I started planning this costume around July of 2007 but didn't actually start working on it until early this year. It took me awhile to gather up necessary materials and run through a bunch of trial and error designs before finally finding one to work. Unfortunately, it still didn't turn out how I really wanted it.

The bonnet was stuffed with tissue paper instead of stuffing because it become too top heavy and would fall off when I wore it. The mask is wonderflex, and I DID cut out the mouth so that I could see through it... however, the flaw in my design was how low the mask fell. This made it impossible for me to see anything.

The jacket... was the biggest burden of my life. I bought well over 12 yards of white vinyl, sewed together the jacket (after messing up the sleeves... BAH) and then hand painted it. The process took several hours (more or less 2-days) and in the end made it very sticky. I was aware that vinyl was not meant to be painted and instead I should have used dye... but I was NOT about to pay 100 dollars for a bunch of dye I may not even use all of. D:<

The bottom of the dress is just a long skirt with fabric that resembled burlap (without the annoyance of actual burlap). I used two petticoats to give myself extra "bulk". The top petticoat was used to eliminate my waist, while the second (which you can see the lace of) was used for the figure and finishing touches.

The shoes were crocs covered in a stretchy spandex and then hotglued/sewn together. You can't see them very well, but they were super comfy!

This costume wouldn't have been possible without my grandma letting me paint my jacket at her house, or my friends who willingly put up with guiding me around the convention.

As of now (June 28th) it's being revamped for an upcoming Fall photoshoot that might happen. The jacket took a huge beating and needs a lot of work redone.


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Character Quina Quen


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