King of Fighters

@Lilith Oya
I had found the perfect pattern for the dress and an awesome set of fabrics to work with. Had to add a bit more to the collar myself and because I was extremely inexperienced at the time it came out a little uneven. The vest was a bit tricky cause I had to make the diamond shape cut. I was getting real frustrated cause the con was 2 days away and I couldn't get the shape even withtout cutting and I was afraid if I did cut I'd cut too much. But I took my time with it and finally got it right. The bracelets I bought for a buck each at Hot Topic, but they were neon green. So I sewed sleeves together out of the red fabric and cut holes for the snaps to slip the bracelets into. Again, I was scared to cut my hair, but did so after the convention, so later cons my hair was more accurate, but I don't think I have any pictures.
@Lilith Oya
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Series King of Fighters
Character Vice
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