Yuu Yuu Hakusho

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Series Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Character Hiei

vamipre25 i have your necklace, you want to buy one

YokoKuwabara That's amazing. If my Hiei costume for next year turns out even half as good as yours, I will be happy.

Kaiya_Kurama Omg wow wow wow! I ttly love your hiei >_<! hey you should ttly go to the Sakura-con this yr as hiei or one of your naruto characthers cuz Im actualli doing Kurama and Hinata and would love to take pics with you!! Also Sakura-con is one of the biggest conventions better then tht is tht It is sooooo much fun this will be my second time going So ttly tell me if your up to going ^_^ -giggle-

HeeHeeHee01 Wow, what I can see of the hair is great, and the Jagan, just wow!

Ras i dont really know why you dont have a coment here because i get surprised of your hie's cosplay and your yagan looks real congratulations for your cosplay