Kotonoha Katsura




My friend Jenna and I are doing a School Days group, she's going as Sekai.

We're actually going to be doing these costumes properly. A lot of people think you can just get away with buying a pleated black skirt, any vest, a tuxedo top and a jacket, but its not that simple.

The School Days vest is actually in interesting design. It comes below the breasts in the front, and plunges just as deep in the back. To keep it fastened, its 8 small gold buttons. Even though I'm Kotohona that almost never takes off her over jacket, I will have the vest on underneath.

For the Jacket, it is a pretty much straight fit jacket, V neck, with two large gold buttons for fasteners. I made the Jacket myself since I have wide shoulders and long arms, which makes it difficult to buy store bought clothing, especially fitted clothing.

The Skirt is a basic pleated skirt, they only take about an hour to make, most of that being the time spent getting the pleats to be the same size.

For a wig, I ordered a 50" wig I believe, and will be cutting it slightly. I'm 5'10, so to get an almost kneed length wig, it usually requires going to the length size available.


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Aoi v1 whoa! nice made uniform! amazing ^-^

whoamiinside Very well made! ^_^ This anime pretty much scarred me for a while, so I say, more power to you for going through with this cosplay! You really have done a lot of cosplays, I'm impressed! But I have to say, I'm wanting to see you do Christie fro DramaCon. Fav. manga next to Shutterbox.