Sakura Haruno




IT's my favorite costume! I put more effort into it then usual so I happy with the way it came out


*Wig: self dyed and styled from a wig from Ricky's, can't remember the name :P, BUT NEW WIG IS OFFICIAL IN! It's spot on color-wise and the shape is nice. Overall, good investment! New pictures will be up soon of course ^.~

*Vest: God, this was a pain in the butt. I decided i'd give it a shot without an altered chinese pattern, and it didn't come out bad, just getting the darts right sucked XO But yea, self-made pattern, fabric is from NYC, used a zipper from NYC, custom sized in white. Curving it took forever, but worked with minutely hidden bends of the zipper fabric. Haruno clan circle redone twice, the latest looks divine! (P.S.- DO NOT USE SATIN, SILK, BROCADE, anything slippery basically. Even if you finish off all the edges it still pulls. Stick to stronger, more forgiving materials, I know from experience :-) )

*Over Skirt: Really easy, just basically squares of white with same material lining, with inlaid zipper in white, attached metal buckles to the sides and stitched flappies to itself so it doesn't move. ***crap, ever since the colored version came out, the fact that it's pink bothers me, might have to redo it in pinky......***

*Biker shorts: had them lying around, i like to exercise XD

*Arm Bands: from leftover white material for skirt.

*Kunai holder: don't ask, I found one in my magical basement O.O

*bandages: Easy buy, like maybe $2 for a roll?

*Shoes: Ya for wet seal and they're shoe sales. Bought them for like $15, and will alter when i have time so toes show through.

*Konoha Headband: Friend gave me it for Christmas! Yay me!

(If you ever have the chance, go browse for fabrics in the fashion district, you'll find amazing deals if you look hard enough ^.~)


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Series Naruto
Character Sakura Haruno
Variant Shippuden version


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