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I'd been intending to make a Maya costume for a while, but summoner_eilidh is taller than me, so when we decided on a duo, I ended up as Pearl! It'll be easy to change characters if we ever want to -we simply need to swap jackets, wigs and necklaces. I bought all the fabric and made both outfits for them to match, and Eli helped out by making the necklaces.

The lilac robes are a polyester twill, dead simple to put together. They're made entirely with French seams, since that fabric loves to fray and my sewing machine's pseudo-overlocking stitch can't always cope. Maya's jacket is polycotton, and the fabric I found for Pearl is a quilting cotton. Annoying since it comes in a narrower width, and like all 100% cotton, it loves to wrinkle, but it was the only thing I could find in a suitable colour. The jackets were also easy to make, again constructed using French seams (except for the awkward curves at the arm holes, which are overlocked) since I wasn't lining them.

The obis are craft foam covered in polycotton. I then sewed strips of fabric to layer over it, creating the impression of it being all wrapped around. It fastens at the back with velcro, and the bow is sewn on. It's also a craft foam base, covered in fabric.

I managed to get one pair of sandals with a slight platform heel, and didn't bother trying to get a second, since having Pearl wear flat shoes would emphasise the height difference, so those are just ordinary flip-flops. I simply covered the straps with the same fabric as the obi. The wrist ribbons were chosen to match the obi fabric, and stay in place with a few pieces of double-sided tape.

The necklaces are styrofoam balls, little wooden beads, all sealed with PVA glue and then painted (I used the same styrofoam balls in the Maya wig). Eli sculpted the magatamas using fimo clay, painted them and finished up the necklaces.

The wig is an Angela wig from CosWorx. I parted it to the side and separated out the short pieces at the front which were later cut to the right length. All I did initially was ensure that they could hide the hairline of the wig as far as possible when the rest of the wig was pulled back.

The rest needed to be pulled into a high ponytail. The wig is thick enough to do that mostly ok, which is why I chose it, but the pieces at the nape of the neck are a bit too short to go into a really high ponytail, and I prefer to have some extensions added into updo wigs for greater neatness anyway. So how to get extensions at short notice? Steal Eli's Anastasia ones (which were originally my Shima ones anyway, and it's easy enough to order more to redo the Anastasia style later). They are well-loved, multi-purpose extensions!

I wanted to use those to make wefts to add around the hairline, but didn't have time, so that's something to do later. In the meantime, I pulled the front of the wig up into a ponytail, and left a section at the back loose. The loose part is then tied into a ponytail at the nape of my neck, and tucked up under the wig. Surprisingly, this gave a good effect, so an excellent way to cheat at high ponytails! It may eve be more practical to leave it like that, rather than eventually add wefts and do it all properly.

The tv aerial loops are formed around wire, again nicked from the Anastasia hairpieces. The wire is secured by being bent around the root of the ponytail and it's very stable. The ponytail is twisted around the wire and hairsprayed into place, but the hair from the ponytail alone was insufficient, since it was a bit too short, and had strands of all different lengths, so it was hard to get it completely neat and even. Therefore, I used some of the extensions to sew a weft, which is wrapped around the base of the ponytail, and then used to neatly cover the loops. All the wire, ends of the hair and whatnot is all hidden by the fabric tie around it.


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Angelphie Hey there! I didn't stub it, the wire supports the style fine (it's wrapped around the base of the ponytail a few times, so sort of acts like a stub). However, I’d recommend taking the time to put a wig into a ponytail really neatly then stubbing it. That’s probably the best way, I’m just impatient. Good luck with your wig!

Mr Firefly Well, I've got a quick question for you concerning your wig~ Did you have to stub it, or is it staying up on its own? Hah. I'm the same person who posted that Pearl wig help thread, by the way ^^''