Princess Mononoke



My first serious crossplay, and probably the outfit I've put the most effort in to date. Everything in this costume is handmade except for the bow.

The primary materials used are linen and linen-look fabric. I wanted something a bit rough and homespun looking, where the texture of the fabric would be visible. The top was based off a karate gi pattern and the pants off one of my favorites, a sweatpants pattern. The hood, arm and leg covers, and boots are all my design, though.

The sword and arrows were made from scratch; the sword was especially hard to make because I have no fine woodworking tools. It was carved out of a single sheet of plywood using a chisel, a hand saw, a drill, and about 2 straight days of sanding by hand.

For fall 2011, I remade the boots out of faux fur, with suede lining. They also have cushioned soles now, which makes them a lot more comfortable to walk in. I'm working on reworking the arm/leg covers and hood in suede, since leather seems appropriate for protective gear. I also am making the fur riding gear after putting it off for years.

Also on my to-do list is a new bow and quiver, the jeweled knife he gives to San, and a skin top with scars for more photoshooting potential (end of the movie scenes come to mind!) And possibly a plush Yakul. I may also be working on a San costume for a friend of mine!


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Series Princess Mononoke
Character Ashitaka


Tengu101 Hey I'm making my own Ashitaka cosplay and I was wondering how you made the rain cloak?

tnima95 Love this cosplay, you did such a good job on it! Can you list what each part of your cosplay is made of? I'm making a Ashitaka cosplay for Kumoricon this September.

kohaku_river007 wow that looks -awesome- way to use a karate gi, I wish i'd kept mine now XD

Johnnyfive Very good job on your Ashitaka!~

Phelitcite wow, definitely the highest quality outfit in terms of fabric that I've seen for Ashitaka (I've met someone who fletched a near perfect bow O.o). I'm actually making an Ashitaka costume also; my very first "costume". Well, my last costume too; Ashitaka seems like the best thing to begin and end cosplay with, no? Well, fantastic job anyway, thanks for the inspiration :D